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About four96 The Three C's of Business Growth Consultants


We always start with a thorough analysis of the competition. Who is in front, who is behind, why are they there and what are their plans and strategies?


From there, we dive in for a thorough understanding of your current and potential customer base including dozens of demographic analytics.


We then identify what we call Strategic Growth Gaps (SGG’s) and set your company off in the direction to gain ground and potentially pass the competition.

Bring Innovation to Market

We are Highly Experienced at creating and launching disruptive new products and services with a success record of helping companies achieve extraordinary growth.

Accelerate Market Demand

We bring hands-on digital and integrated marketing experts with expertise at orchestrating groundbreaking campaigns for Fortune 100 Companies and regularly helping clients achieve 10x growth.

Strategy For Growth

Our experienced pioneers in marketing technologies, analytics, and CRM systems, help companies deploy new capabilities as the catalyst for growth on a world-wide stage.

Optimize Performance

Our data-scientists and marketing leaders depend on modern data insights to optimize specific results required for growing your company and enabling successful navigation of marketplace growth.

Past Work We have worked in many capacities with major companies.

Success Stories Highlights from a few of our more interesting projects.

four96 Business Growth Consultants

Growth Consulting It can change the course of your business!

Get your company on the fast path to sales and growth.
With four96 Communique – You get market-proven C-Level leaders who know how to work with CEOs, boards and your organizations to clarify business growth strategy, launch successful initiatives and reignite growth. With more than 60 years combined experience working in private, public, and government organizations, we bring the Outside Perspective your company needs to post substantial growth in 2017.

  • Highly experienced in all aspects of business and marketing
  • Seasoned in technology design and development
  • Extremely experienced in Entertainment & Legal Matters

Our Process A Communication Centered Approach to Success

With more than 50 years combined experienced as consultants, attorneys, and leading public and private companies, we are highly skilled communicators. This has been invaluable in our consulting practice as we:

  • Seek to understand your goals, problems, and concerns
  • Communicate the fixes we employ as the project is completed
  • Gain an understanding of how your customer sees your business
four96 Business Growth Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment to talk?

Simply complete the form and we will schedule a time that we can chat about your company needs.

Do you sign NDAs?

For the initial consultation, we always suggest that we talk in generalities. We want to get to know you and a little about your company to see if we think we can help in some way. If we can, we will then sign an NDA and roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Do you ever turn clients down?

Yes! Over the years, we have turned many clients down. We may not feel that we can help them, or they may be too far gone to save. We also do not like to work for equity, which many times is a deal breaker.

How much do you charge?

Our rates will vary depending on the magnitude of the tasks that need to be completed and the estimated length of time it will take to complete them.

Where is your main office located?

Our main office is located in Beverly Hills, CA, and our second office is centrally located near Denver, CO making it very easy and timely for us to travel to any part of the country to work with our clients.

How long does it take you to fix a client’s problems?

There is literally no way to answer this question, but we get it all the time. We are never a fan of slapping a band aid on a problem and walking away, so we always choose quality over speed. That said, we also love to finish projects ahead of schedule if at all possible.

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